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I’m Not Sam – Contest Winner!

…And the winner of the I’m Not Sam Naughty and Nice Manuscript Giveaway contest…is Sam – McCanna, that is!


A tremendous thank you goes out to all who participated, as well as Joshua Jabcuga, Brian Freeman of Cemetery Dance, and the good folks of Sinister Grin Press!

How was the contest decided?

Meet the Judge!

Meet the Judge!

In the movie Lone Wolf and Cub (aka Shogun Assassin),  the Shogun’s executioner is framed for a crime, and sentenced to death. He chooses to fight back, and offers his infant son a choice.  If he crawls to a ball, he will forfeit his life.  If he crawls to the executioner’s sword, then he will travel the path of the ronin, with his father.


Since Kev (the Webmaster) is a big movie geek, he wrote everyone’s name down on a small piece of paper (to avoid any unconscious bias based on purchase/non-purchase).  These pieces of paper were scattered about the floor, and his 1 year old son was given the opportunity to decide the winner.

The winner was literally, the first piece of paper his son crawled to, and picked up.

And there you have it. The winner is Sam.

Congratulations!  And again, thank you to everyone who entered!

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