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Jack Ketchum

Don’t Waste My Time – Odyssey Podcast

Jack’s second podcast for the Odyssey Writing Workshops Charitable Trust is titled “Don’t Waste My Time“.

From their description:

As a guest lecturer at Odyssey 2013, another topic Jack Ketchum discussed is writing about thematic content that’s important to you. Sometimes you may be aware of particular themes in your work, and sometimes you may not. Jack explains that you are drawn to particular material because it resonates for you. Your emotional core–your pains, concerns, fears, loves, and losses–makes you a unique writer. This doesn’t mean you need to be self-obsessed, but it means that you should allow your concerns and fears to inform your work and run through the subtext. Jack describes how fiction allows you to discuss issues important to you, as long as you tell a good, suspenseful story, so the story never becomes preachy. Genre fiction provides a great venue for this. Jack leads students in considering key questions. What’s important to you? What don’t you like? Who don’t you like? Who and what do you love? Jack explains that without significant thematic content, the author may be simply wasting the reader’s time. The author needs to give the reader something worth reading about. Jack then considers some of the higher tasks he attempts to achieve in writing.

Jack’s first Odyssey podcast, “Writing from the Wound” can be found here (#34).