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Jack Ketchum

Gorilla In My Room

Now available from Cemetery Dance, the latest collection of short stories from Jack has arrived.

Gorilla in My Room collects 15 short stories in limited edition (750 copies) hardcover, with an introduction by Edward Lee.


  • Gorilla in My Room
  • The Western Dead
  • Bully
  • Listen
  • Polaroids
  • Squirrely Shirley (wth Lucky McKee)
  • Group of Thirty
  • Winter Child
  • Cow (with Lucky McKee)
  • The Transformed Mouse
  • The Right Thing
  • Awake
  • That Moment
  • Oldies
  • Seconds

“This is fiction that does far more than ‘entertain,’ and it goes far beyond what we expect when we read ‘horror.’ No haunted houses here, no pitchfork-wielding devils with horns on their heads. The only monsters are the very worst kind: humans.”