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Jack Ketchum

All Things Must Pass

Dallas Mayr, aka “Jack Ketchum” passed away this morning.

It was 2002 – we were both younger.

I first met Dallas in 1999, at World Horror in Atlanta.  James A. Moore was a friend of mine, and handed me a copy of The Girl Next Door, and told me I needed to read it.

I couldn’t put it down.

Dallas was a guest, and I had him sign my copy. I also blew the rest of my funds on other Jack Ketchum books. I told him “you and I are going to get along great!”

By fortunate coincidence, a few months later, I found out he was looking for a webmaster.  I offered my services, and we’d been working together for almost 20 years now.

Dallas was a kind man, and our relationship went from boss/employee to friendship to adopted family.

I am truly grateful and honored that he let me be a part of his life, and I will miss him more than I know how to say.

Godspeed, Dallas.

I love you.