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Συνέντευξη με τον Jack Ketchum

There is a new Greek interview with Jack at Diavasame.gr… There is also an English translation, further down the page. Topics include The Girl Next Door (the book and the film), Jack’s inspirations, what draws people to horror, and more. Check it out, here!

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HorrorNovelReviews(.com) sponsors Jack Ketchum Appreciation Day!

It’s true!  Today is Jack Ketchum Appreciation Day at Horror Novel Reviews! They’ve got several reviews, and an exclusive interview, talking about pulling punches, Christmas, and legendary collaborations! Go check it out!    

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Quick Fire Interview

There’s a new interview with Jack over at Quick Fire at the Slaughterhouse Learn more about The Woman, what Jack is working on, and how Elvis fits into the whole equation!  

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Before Sunrise Interview

Before Sunrise has a new interview with Jack – What’s his favorite Italian dish? What’s the last great book he’s read? What does he really think of the film adaptations of his works? Read the interview, to find out!

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New and Pending Interviews

If you happen to read Greek, check out the new interview with Jack at Vakxicon! Also, Jack will be appearing on Jackalope Radio, Saturday night at 10pm ET.

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Squirrely Shirley

Jack and Lucky McKee are at it again… This time with the story Squirrely Shirley, in issue #8 of Midnight Echo magazine, along with an interview with Jack by Mark Farrugia. The print edition is sold out, but electronic copies are still available! Check it Out!

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Dark Bites

Rick Hipson has 13 (or so) Terrible Questions for Jack… Check out Jack’s 13 (or so) Terrible Answers at DARK BITES

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Reading List

Happy Halloween! Have you read all of Jack’s books, and you’re looking for something else to read? Check out The Scariest Book I’ve Ever Read – recommendations from Jack, Caitlin Kiernan, and more!  

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Making the rounds…

The Daily Mail in Catskill has a nice write up of Jack’s recent appearance at the Beattie-Powers Place. “Dig deep into the dark, mean night of your soul,” he said. “What are you ashamed of? What God-awful things have you fantasized about doing, but would never do? What’s the worst thing that you could imagine […]

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Jack & Lucky talk about I’m Not Sam…

Dread Central has a brand new interview with Jack and Lucky McKee, describing the process behind co-creating The Woman, and I’m Not Sam. Check it out!

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