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Quick Fire Interview

There’s a new interview with Jack over at Quick Fire at the Slaughterhouse Learn more about The Woman, what Jack is working on, and how Elvis fits into the whole equation!  

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The Woman is the Coolest!

Ain’t It Cool News counted down the top horror movies of the year since Halloween (2011). Guess who made #1? Read all about it here…

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Thoughts and Reviews from Around the Web

The Obsessive Movie Nerd has an in-depth review of The Woman – well worth reading. Also, Macabre Republic continues its Countdown of The Top 20 Jack Ketchum Works of Short Fiction: #12, #11, #10, #9, #8 (a personal favorite of Kev the Webmaster’s!)  

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Jack & Lucky talk about I’m Not Sam…

Dread Central has a brand new interview with Jack and Lucky McKee, describing the process behind co-creating The Woman, and I’m Not Sam. Check it out!

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Two New Books!

Locus Publishing has just released a beautiful Chinese translation of the unexpurgated version of Off Season. This is Jack’s second Chinese translation (the first being The Girl Next Door).  Once again, a beautiful edition. Also, The Woman has been spotted in Germany! Beuterausch, is Heyne Hardcore’s new translation of The Woman, also available in trade […]

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She’s back…

Just when you thought it was safe… The Woman returns in a stunningly gorgeous trade hardcover edition from Cemetery Dance publications. This edition also features the bonus novella Cow, which was not a part of the previous hardcover edition. If you ever wondered “what happens next,” this is your chance to find out! This edition […]

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No Such Thing as an Immoral Book…

Screen/Read has a fantastic new interview with Jack, and review of The Woman! English version of the interview German version of the interview Review of The Woman (in German)

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Holiday gifts for your “Woman”

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Why not consider the Official Commemorative Lawn Mower Blade, from The Woman? Perfect for exacting your revenge on your captors, and keeping your feral tribe in line. This is a strictly limited edition item, and they’re going fast (the webmaster’s girlfriend has already ordered one). Only $29.99 on Amazon! […]

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The Woman crosses the Finnish Line…

This just in: THE WOMAN GETS THE NIGHT VISIONS AUDIENCE AWARD 2011 IN HELSINKI November 7th, 2011 The Woman, director Lucky McKee’s merciless evisceration of the traditional American family values has won the Night Visions Audience Award 2011 at the Night Visions Film Festival in Helsinki, Finland. This marks the second time in a row […]

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Get a taste of The Woman…

Post Mortem Press has just released Dark Doorways: The Best of Post Mortem Press, an anthology featuring the opening pages of both the novel AND screenplay for The Woman, by Jack, and Lucky McKee! Also included, are pieces by F. Paul Wilson, Jonathan Maberry, and more!

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