Features the bonus novella, Weed Species.


Carole and her lover, Lee, knew there was only one way to get rid of Carole’s abusive husband for good. They planned every detail. And they thought they had committed the perfect crime. But a stranger named Wayne saw what they did, and he was thrilled. Now Wayne wants to be their friend. He wants to share the excitement of murder with them. He wants to take Carole and Lee on a road trip straight to hell so his new friends can enjoy an all-out killing spree that can only end one way…



  • Joyride
  • Weed Species


Movie tie-in edition.


The local sheriff of Dead River, Maine, thought he had killed them off ten years ago – a primitive, cave-dwelling tribe of cannibalistic savages. But somehow the clan survived. To breed. To hunt. To kill and eat. And now the peaceful residents of this isolated town are fighting for their lives…


Lee is a veteran who came back from the war a changed man. He’s haunted and scarred. And his grip on reality is weakening, especially since his wife and son left him. He keeps to himself, deep in the woods. But today, he’s not alone. A group of weekend campers have intruded on his fragile world. For Lee this means he’s back in the war. For the unsuspecting visitors it means a fight to stay alive.

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