Off Season

First mass-market paperback edition of Off Season: The Unexpurgated Edition.  Features the bonus story, Winter Child.


September. A beautiful New York editor retreats to a lonely cabin on a hill in the quiet Maine beach town of Dead River – off season – awaiting her sister and friends. Nearby, a savage human family with a taste for flesh lurks the darkening woods, watching, waiting for the moon to rise and night to fall…


And before too many hours pass, five civilized, sophisticated people and one tire old country sheriff will learn just how primitive we all are beneath the surface…and that there are no limits at all to the will to survive.



  • Off Season: The Unexpurgated Edition
  • Winter Child


Jack Ketchum’s ferocious first novel, Off Season, met with a lot of controversy when it was originally released in 1980. Nobody had ever seen a book with quite so many teeth before. But sales of over 250,000 paperback copies made this first-time novelist a major force in the horror and suspense genres.


Now Offspring, the sequel to that Off Season, written ten years later, has been released in this exclusive hardcover edition. Just when you thought the horror of Off Season was vanquished in their first outing, The Family lives on…continuing to terrorize the coast of Maine. And their zest for life, and for yours, continues on in that good old Family tradition. 

Weed Species

WEED SPECIES: In ecology. An invasive species, also called an invasive exotic, is an organism that is intentionally or accidentally introduced to an area where it is not native, and where it successfully invades and disturbs natural ecosystems, displacing native species. The term is most often applied to, but not limited to, plants. See also kudzu, water hyacinth, zebra mussel, Burmese python, eco-tourism, sociopath.

Olivia: A Monologue

A unique Jack Ketchum collectable, suitable for framing in your home or office.


Olivia, is a 500+ word monologue (that ties in with the novel The Lost), written by Jack Ketchum, and illustrated with a woodcut print.  It is a 13 x 20 inch Letterpress Broadside printed on Acid Free Cotton Somerset Velvet Cover, signed by by both Jack Ketchum and the artist, Katie Wynne.


Closing Time and Other Stories

Closing Time and Other Stories is a  collection of 19 stories that have never been published together before. The book contains Closing Time (the Bram Stoker Award winning novella), hard-to-find recent stories and one original, previously unpublished story, Hotline.  To further enhance the collection, is an afterword for each story.


The lettered edition contains four poems that do not appear in the numbered edition.



  • Returns
  • Damned If You Do
  • Station Two
  • Elusive
  • Papa
  • The Fountain
  • Do You Love Your Wife?
  • At Home With The VCR
  • Those Rockports Won’t Get You Into Heaven
  • Olivia: A Monologue
  • Brave Girl
  • Honor System
  • Lighten Up
  • Hotline
  • Monster
  • Consensual
  • Seascape
  • Snarl, Hiss, Spit, Stalk
  • Closing Time

Richard Laymon: Tributes

Jack has written several tributes to the late Richard Laymon. They are collected together here as an exclusive promotional chapbook from Gauntlet Press, to accompany their publication of Closing Time and Other Stories.


The local sheriff of Dead River, Maine, thought he had killed them off ten years ago – a primitive, cave-dwelling, tribe of cannibalistic savages. But somehow the clan survived. To breed. To hunt. To kill and eat. And now the peaceful residents of this isolated town are fighting for their lives….


Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a book about games. Reckless, dangerous games. Games you might even want to play yourself, if you’re with the right people. But shouldn’t. Not ever…




A stranger walks into a place of business…and starts shooting.


Three of horror’s most terrifying authors challenged each other to write a novella beginning with that simple idea. But where they each went from there would be limited only by their own powerful imaginations. The results are incredibly varied, totally individual, and relentlessly horrifying. Prepare yourself for three very different visions of fear, each written specifically for this anthology and available nowhere else.



  • Triage by Richard Laymon
  • In the Year of Our Lord: 2202 by Edward Lee
  • Sheep Meadow Story by Jack Ketchum  


Howard deserved to die. For years, he abused his wife physically, verbally, and psychologically. Even after the separation, he kept coming back for more.


Carol and her lover, Lee, knew there was only one way to stop Howard for good. They planned every detail, and they thought they had committed the perfect crime.


But a stranger named Wayne witnessed what they did, and he was thrilled by what he saw. Now Wayne wants to be their friend. He wants to share the thrill of murder with them. He wants to take Carol and Lee on a road trip straight to hell so his new friends can enjoy his all-out killing spree that can only end one way…


This edition features a special afterword entitled “On Writing Joyride” by Jack Ketchum.

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