Only Child (Stranglehold)

Arthur Danse is one of Ketchum’s most dark and frightening creations. A user, a violent abuser and quite possibly much, much worse. And it fails to his wife Lydia to protect the life and sanity of both herself and her six-year-old son – their only child.



The Girl Next Door

Movie tie-in edition.


Suburbia. Shady, tree-lined streets, well-tended lawns and cozy homes. A nice, quiet place to grow up. Unless you are teenage Meg or her crippled sister, Susan. On a dead-end street, in the dark, damp basement of the Chandler house, Meg and Susan are left captive to the savage whims and rages or a distant aunt who is rapidly descending into madness. It is a madness that infects all three of her sons – and finally the entire neighborhood. Only one troubled boy stands hesitantly between Meg and Susan and their cruel, torturous deaths. A boy with a very adult decision to make.


This edition also features the stories Do You Love Your Wife? and Returns. The Movie Tie-In Edition also contains a bonus interview.



  • The Girl Next Door
  • Do You Love Your Wife?
  • Returns
  • We Have Permission (interview with Jack Ketchum by Quentin Dunne) – Movie Tie-In Edition only.

The Lost

Movie tie-in edition.


It was the summer of 1965. Ray, Tim and Jennifer were just three teenage friends hanging out in the campgrounds, drinking a little. But Tim and Jennifer didn’t know what their friend Ray had in mind. And if they’d known they wouldn’t have thought he was serious. Then they saw what he did to the two girls at the neighboring campsite – and knew he was dead serious.


Four years later, the Sixties were drawing to a close. No one ever charged Ray with the murders in the campgrounds, but there was one cop determined to make him pay. Ray figured he was in the clear. Tim and Jennifer thought the worst was behind them, that the horrors were all in the past. They were wrong. The worst was yet to come.

Old Flames

Burned again. Men never treated Dora well. This latest cheated on her and dumped her. The last decent guy she knew was her old high school boyfriend, Jim. He’d said that he loved her. Maybe he did. So with the help of the Flame Finders, Dora’s found him again. Turns out he’s married with two kids. But Dora isn’t about to let that stand in her way…


Also contains the novella Right to Life.



  • Old Flames
  • Right to Life

Book of Souls

Where does inspiration come from? What secrets lie at the heart of an author’s stories and novels? What is written on the invisible ink between the lines of dialogue and description? Most writers will never tell you, will leave you to guess at the connections between their fiction and their lives.


Jack Ketchum gives a rare and intimate look into his world and into some of the people who have influenced his life in this collection of essays. Idols and friends, lovers and strangers are revealed, examined, adored and lamented as only Jack Ketchum can.



  • Henry Miller and the Push
  • The Dust of the Heavens
  • Risky Living: A Memoir
  • Us Again (with Carolyn Kessaratos Shea)

Old Flames

When her lover betrays her and dumps her coldly, Dora’s mind begins to crack.


She tracks down her old high school love to recapture what she might have had.


He’s married with a family  now, but Dora isn’t about to let that stop her…


Lee is a veteran who came back from the war a changed man. He’s haunted and scarred. And his grip on reality is weakening, especially since his wife and son left him. He keeps to himself, deep in the woods. But today, he’s not alone. A group of weekend campers have intruded on his fragile world. For Lee this means he’s back in the war. For the unsuspecting visitors it means a fight to stay alive.

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