Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a book about games. Reckless, dangerous games. Games you might even want to play yourself, if you’re with the right people. But shouldn’t. Not ever…




Jack Ketchum’s ferocious first novel, Off Season, met with a lot of controversy when it was originally released in 1980. Nobody had ever seen a book with quite so many teeth before. But sales of over 250,000 paperback copies made this first-time novelist a major force in the horror and suspense genres.


Now Offspring, the sequel to that Off Season, written ten years later, has been released in this exclusive hardcover edition. Just when you thought the horror of Off Season was vanquished in their first outing, The Family lives on…continuing to terrorize the coast of Maine. And their zest for life, and for yours, continues on in that good old Family tradition. 

Off Season

First mass-market paperback edition of Off Season: The Unexpurgated Edition.  Features the bonus story, Winter Child.


September. A beautiful New York editor retreats to a lonely cabin on a hill in the quiet Maine beach town of Dead River – off season – awaiting her sister and friends. Nearby, a savage human family with a taste for flesh lurks the darkening woods, watching, waiting for the moon to rise and night to fall…


And before too many hours pass, five civilized, sophisticated people and one tire old country sheriff will learn just how primitive we all are beneath the surface…and that there are no limits at all to the will to survive.



  • Off Season: The Unexpurgated Edition
  • Winter Child

The Girl Next Door

Suburbia. Shady, tree-lined streets, well-tended lawns and cozy homes. A nice, quiet place to grow up. Unless you are teenage Meg or her crippled sister, Susan. On a dead-end street, in the dark, damp basement of the Chandler house, Meg and Susan are left captive to the savage whims and rages or a distant aunt who is rapidly descending into madness. It is a madness that infects all three of her sons – and finally the entire neighborhood. Only one troubled boy stands hesitantly between Meg and Susan and their cruel, torturous deaths. A boy with a very adult decision to make.


This edition also features the stories Do You Love Your Wife? and Returns.



  • The Girl Next Door
  • Do You Love Your Wife?
  • Returns


First U.S. mass-market paperback edition. Also contains the novella The Passenger.


It all started with a simple act of brutality. Three boys shot and killed an old man’s dog. No reason, just plain meanness. But the dog was the best thing in the old man’s world, and he wasn’t about to let it pass. He wanted justice, and he’d make sure the kids paid for what they did, even if it cost him his life. They picked the wrong old man to mess with. And as the fury and violence escalate, they’re about to learn that… the hard way.



  • Red
  • The Passenger

The Lost

Movie tie-in edition.


It was the summer of 1965. Ray, Tim and Jennifer were just three teenage friends hanging out in the campgrounds, drinking a little. But Tim and Jennifer didn’t know what their friend Ray had in mind. And if they’d known they wouldn’t have thought he was serious. Then they saw what he did to the two girls at the neighboring campsite – and knew he was dead serious.


Four years later, the Sixties were drawing to a close. No one ever charged Ray with the murders in the campgrounds, but there was one cop determined to make him pay. Ray figured he was in the clear. Tim and Jennifer thought the worst was behind them, that the horrors were all in the past. They were wrong. The worst was yet to come.

Peaceable Kingdom

This landmark collection gathers more than thirty of Jack Ketchum’s most thrilling stories. Two of them, Gone and The Box, were awarded the prestigious Bram Stoker Award, and three, including the novella Closing Time, are original to this book. Whether you are already familiar with Ketchum’s unique brand of suspense or are experiencing it for the first time, here is a book no aficionado of fear can do without.



  • Introduction
  • The Rifle
  • The Box
  • Mail Order
  • Luck
  • The Haunt
  • Megan’s Law
  • If Memory Serves
  • Father and Son
  • The Business
  • Mother and Daughter
  • When the Penny Drops
  • Rabid Squirrels in Love
  • Sundays
  • Twins
  • Amid the Walking Wounded
  • The Great San Diego Sleazy Bimbo Massacre
  • The Holding Cell
  • The Work
  • The Best
  • Redemption
  • The Exit at Toledo Blade Boulevard
  • Chain Letter
  • Forever
  • Gone
  • Closing Time
  • The Rose
  • The Turning
  • To Suit the Crime
  • Lines: or Like Franco, Elvis is Still Dead
  • The Visitor
  • Snakes
  • Firedance
  • Afterword

She Wakes

This version contains the author’s preferred text.


Greece. Ancient land of mystery, legend and myth. It is here that businessman Jordan Chase visits an historic tomb, only to experience a dark vision of the future. And it is here, amidst the beauty of the landscape, that Lelia, a gorgeous but dangerous woman, befriends a group of tourists…to lure them into a nightmare of pain and terror. She lives to seduce and destroy, to feed off her human prey. Lelia is more than myth, more than superstition. Lelia is deadly.


Broken on the Wheel of Sex (Ultra Edition)

Delirium Press released this edition of 26 copies as part of their “Ultra” series. Contains the extra Stroup story The Old Days, and four non-fiction pieces written for men’s magazines. Does not contain The Making of a Religious Cult, which appeared in the lettered edition from Sideshow Press.



  • Introduction
  • The Hang Up
  • The Heat
  • Skin Game
  • The Burn Artist
  • The Rubdown
  • Never Trust a Smart Cunt with Two First Names
  • Fish
  • Old Men Dancing
  • The Liar
  • The French
  • The Christmas Caller
  • East Side Story
  • Dead Heat
  • The Old Days
  • Ugly George: Cable TV’s Prince of Pickup (non-fiction)
  • Welcome to the Chateau (non-fiction)
  • Flashers and Freaks (non-fiction)
  • Bad Girls, Sad Girls in the Heart of Disco (non-fiction)


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