Closing Time

Closing Time and Other Stories

Closing Time and Other Stories is a  collection of 19 stories that have never been published together before. The book contains Closing Time (the Bram Stoker Award winning novella), hard-to-find recent stories and one original, previously unpublished story, Hotline.  To further enhance the collection, is an afterword for each story.


The lettered edition contains four poems that do not appear in the numbered edition.



  • Returns
  • Damned If You Do
  • Station Two
  • Elusive
  • Papa
  • The Fountain
  • Do You Love Your Wife?
  • At Home With The VCR
  • Those Rockports Won’t Get You Into Heaven
  • Olivia: A Monologue
  • Brave Girl
  • Honor System
  • Lighten Up
  • Hotline
  • Monster
  • Consensual
  • Seascape
  • Snarl, Hiss, Spit, Stalk
  • Closing Time