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Jack Ketchum

Have you seen The Woman yet?

“Best Screenplay Winner” – Sitges Film Festival 

“probably the smartest movie about a caged woman you’ll ever see.” – Wired.

“horrifies with relentless, reprehensible impact” – The Seattle Times.

“One of the best horror movies in many, many years, and easily one of the best films of 2011.” – Crave Online.

“It’s Twin Peaks Meets Nell…Only Nastier!…9/10″ – Pop Matters.

“Nonetheless, The Woman is a provocative horror film full of difficult, challenging performances and subject matter from a damn good director and a noted author who are out to get you talking, instead of placate their audience with something bloody and mindless.” – Fangoria.

The Woman is disturbing, lurid and perverse, but that isn’t necessarily bad: Horror buffs, especially fans of Ketchum, will be overcome with joy and excitement.” – The New York Post.

“…a grisly reinvention of a dark and disturbing Grimms fairy tale for adults, rife with graphic violence…” – Chicago Daily Herald.

Nell, this ain’t, that’s for sure.” – Shockya

“Hell Hath No Fury Like The Woman Unleashed” – Seattle Sun Break.

“It eats away at the stomach lining…” – The A.V. Club.

So, have you seen The Woman yet?

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