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Jack Ketchum

Broken on the Wheel of Sex

Broken on the Wheel of Sex

Before there was Jack Ketchum there was Jerzy Livingston, a writer new at his craft but thoroughly jazzed to it, living in a very strange time in a very strange New York City, going straight to hell in a handbasket and loving every minute, writing stories for the likes of Swank, Cavalier, Genesis, Nugget, and High Society. Dark, black-comic stories mostly, the kind you might almost expect of the Ketchum who was waiting in the wings. The Sexual Revolution was lost by then -lost on all fronts- and only a few had noticed. He had. He was whistling in a graveyard.

The 1999 Sideshow Press edition was limited to 350 copies, and a “deluxe” edition featuring an addiitonal story. Delirium Books later released an extremely limited “ultra” edition, featuring the extra story as well, and even more additional stories. The 2009 Overlook Connection Press edition features all of these stories, plus the related piece, Sheep Meadow Story, from Triage.


1999 Sideshow Press (Limited Hardcover Editions)
2003 Delirium Books (Very Limited “Ultra” Edition Hardcover)
2009 Overlook Connection Press (Limited Hardcover Editions, Trade Paperback)
2011 Crossroad Press (eBook Editions)