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Jack Ketchum

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

They were young. They were looking for kicks. They decided to play an innocent game in a strange old house. Hide and Seek. First it turned ugly. Then it turned brutal. Finally, it became a nightmare of horror and violence. None of them was ever the same again…

Hide and Seek is now available from Cemetery Dance Publications as a limited edition hardcover, and as a trade paperback from Gauntlet Press.

The Gauntlet edition features a new afterword from Jack titled Risky Living: A Memoir, in which Jack discusses some of the events in his life that led to the writing of Hide and Seek. This memoir is also available in Book of Souls.

An audio version is also available from Dark Realms Audio.


1984 Ballantine Books (Mass-Market Paperback)
1986 Fleuve-Noir (French Translation as Cache-Cache Effroyable)
2000 Cemetery Dance (Limited Hardcover Editions)
2007 Gauntlet Press (Trade Paperback)
2008 Dark Realms Audio (Audio Edition on CD)
2010 Logeion Publications (Greek Translation as KPYΦTO, Translated by Nick Roussos, Trade Paperback)

2013 Heyne Hardcore (German Translation, as Versteckt, Trade Paperback)
2014 47North (Trade Paperback)