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Jack Ketchum

Only Child/Stranglehold

Only Child (aka “Stranglehold”)

Originally published as Stranglehold in the U.S. and Only Child in the UK (and later, in the U.S. as well)

Arthur Danse doesn’t live by the normal rules. He knows he has been put on earth for a purpose -to show people that the world is a dark and terrible place. To say no to Arthur Danse is to receive a lesson in fear and pain. No matter who you are.

Wife… lover… stranger… or eight-year-old son… Lydia McCloud is one of life’s givers. A nurse whose own hard upbringing gives her a special sympathy for those in need. Lydia doesn’t discover the real Arthur until it’s far too late. Until she’s married to him and their son Robert has become the centre of her world. And she’s forced into the battle of her life for the sake of her only child…

1995 Berkley Books – (Mass-Market Paperback as Stranglehold)
1995 Headline (UK edition, as Only Child, Hardcover and Paperback)
1997 Fusosha (Japanese Translation, Mass-Market Paperback)
2008 Gauntlet Press (Limited Hardcover Editions, as Only Child)
2009 L’Ombre de Bragelonne (French Translation, as Fils Unique, Trade Paperback)
2009 Heyne Hardcore (German Translation, as Wahnsinn, Trade Paperback)
2011 Crossroad Press (eBook Editions, as Stranglehold)
2011 Papierowy Księżyc (Polish Translation as Jedyne Dziecko)
2012 Edge Books (as Only Child, Trade Paperback)
2016 Crossroad Press (Trade Paperback, as Stranglehold)