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Jack Ketchum

Right to Life

Right to Life

When Sara Foster is kidnapped in front of an abortion clinic in broad daylight…she is three months pregnant with her married lover’s child. Her abductors seem to know that. They also seem to know where she lives, where she teaches, where she was born, who her lover is -even where her father plays golf on the weekends. They tell her about a mysterious worldwide Organization devoted to white slavery and what happens to those slaves who try to run away. What happens to their families and those they love.

Right To Life was nominated for the prestigious Stoker Award, and was shortlisted by Stephen King in his book, On Writing, as one of the best books he’s read.


1998 Cemetery Dance (Limited Hardcover Edition)
2001 Fusosha (Japanese Translation, Mass-Market Paperback)
2002 Gauntlet Press (Trade Paperback, with two additional short stories)
2008 Leisure Books (Mass-Market Paperback, as part of their release of Old Flames)
2010 Logeion (Greek Translation by Nick Roussos, Trade Paperback)
2014 Heyne Hardcore (German translation, as Lebendig, Trade Paperback)