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Jack Ketchum

She Wakes

She Wakes

“Greece. Ancient land of mystery, legend and myth. It is here that businessman Jordan Chase visits an historic tomb, only to experience a dark vision of the future.

And it is here, amidst the beauty of the landscape, that Lelia, a gorgeous but dangerous woman, befriends a group of tourists…to lure them into a nightmare of pain and terror.

She lives to seduce and destroy, to feed off her human prey.

Lelia is more than myth, more than superstition. Lelia is deadly.”

Originally published in 1989, this is Jack’s only book of “supernatural” horror. The 2003 limited edition hardcover and the 2004 paperback reissue feature Jack’s preferred and approved text.


1989 Berkley Books (Mass-Market Paperback)
2003 Cemetery Dance (Limited Edition Hardcovers)
2004 Leisure Books (Mass-Market Paperback)
2013 47North (Trade Paperback)