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Jack Ketchum

The Lost

The Lost

It’s 1969, and the Vietnam War is raging. A rough time for most kids. You either work like hell to stay in school or hightail it to Canada or else Uncle Sam comes knocking at your door and the next thing you know you’re slogging through the rice paddies and trying not to think about all those body bags shipping back to the World every day.

Not so for Ray and Tim. They’ve slipped through the cracks. They’re neither college kids nor grunts. They’re undraftable.

But Ray and Tim have their own problems. Murder, for one.

A murder Ray committed four years ago because he felt like it. A murder to which Tim, along with Ray’s sometime-girlfriend Jennifer, are accomplices. A murder which — for at least one world-weary cop — simply won’t go away. He knows Ray did it but can’t prove it. Now, on the verge of quitting his job, with nothing much to lose, he decides to have one last shot at goading Ray into blowing his arrogant cool, into doing something really stupid.

Which Ray’s already doing, just by being who he is.

Things are converging. Something’s going to crack. Something’s going to break loose into a world of pain.

And who will be The Lost?

The Lost was adapted as a film, and is now available on DVD in the U.S. from Anchor Bay Entertainment.


2001 Cemetery Dance (Limited Hardcover Editions)
2001 Leisure Books (Mass-Market Paperback)
2005 Fusosha (Japanese Translation, Mass-Market Paperback)
2008 Leisure Books (Mass-Market Paperback, Movie Tie-In Edition)
2010 Papierowy Księżyc (Polish Translation, as Straceni)
2011 Jemma Press (Greek Translation by Nikos Roussos, Trade Paperback)
2011 Heyne Hardcore (German Translation, Hardcover)
2012 Heyne Harcdore (German Translation, Trade Paperback)