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Jack Ketchum

The Transformed Mouse

The Transformed Mouse: A Fable

That’s right folks, a FABLE! One for adults, though, adapted from the Indian 2nd Century Panchatantra.

And unless you’re afraid of the elements , or of mice, there’s nary a scare in it. Just good wacky fun.

The numbered copies are limited to 250 copies, all handmade, bound in suede. The book is hotstamped on the front with a mouse’s tail hanging out that can be used as a page marker. All the prints are are woodcuts printed on Japanese paper.

The lettered copies are traycased, bound in Japanese silk, with a hand drawn sketch by George Walker on the inside page. Limited to 26 copies, lettered A-Z.


2004 Biting Dog Press (Limited Editions)
2011 Biting Dog Press (eBook Editions)