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Jack Ketchum



“A stranger walks into a place of business… and starts shooting. Three of horror’s most terrifying authors [Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, and Edward Lee] challenged each other to write a novella beginning with that simple idea. But where they each went from there would be limited only by their own powerful imaginations. The results are incredibly varied, totally individual, and relentlessly horrifying. Prepare yourself for three very different visions of fear, each written specifically for this anthology…”

Jack’s contribution to the anthology is Sheep Meadow Story, featuring the return of the infamous “Jerzy Livingston” character Stroup.

Sheep Meadow Story also appears in the Overlook Connection Press edition of Broken on the Wheel of Sex.


2001 Cemetery Dance (Limited Hardcover Editions)
2008 Leisure Books (Mass-Market Paperback)
2010 Jemma Press (Greek Translation by Nick Roussos)
2014 Fusosha (Japanese Translation, Paperback)