Studies in Modern Horror #1

Studies in Modern Horror: A Scholarly Journal for the Study of Contemporary Weird Fiction, edited by NGChristakos. Issue #1 was a dedicated author issue, focused on Jack Ketchum.



  • Editorial by NGChristakos
  • Monsters Among Us: An Introduction to the World of Jack Ketchum by Larry Roberts
  • The Ordinary and the Otherworldly by NGChristakos
  • Hanging Out in the Weird West with Jack Ketchum by Valarie Thorpe

The Fountain

The Fountain is a short story coupled with another story, The Piece of Paper, by Edward Lee. 


This chapbook was given as a premium to those who purchased Sleep Disorder directly through Gauntlet, as a token of customer appreciation.


Sleep Disorder

Sleep Disorder is the first collection of collaborations by Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee – and what a collaboration it is. As Ketchum states in his Afterword, “There’s nothing in here that’s going to change foreign policy or save the whales or even break your heart. We did this just for fun, folks. And for no other reason whatsoever.”


Let the fun begin.



  • I’d Give Anything for You
  • Love Letters from the Rain Forest
  • Masks
  • Eyes Left
  • Sleep Disorder
  • Good Seeing You (by Jack Ketchum)
  • I Would Do Anything for You (by Edward Lee)
  • Afterword (by Jack Ketchum)


Lettered edition also contains an interview with both authors by Tom Piccirilli

Station Two

Station Two follows a not-so-typical night in a Greek restaurant somewhere in the city. Nice quiet dinners are interrupted Ketchum-style. 


Never-before-published, full-length novellas of terror, suspense, weirdness, and erotic darkness by Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, and Edward Lee.  All three novellas start with the same premise… a stranger walks into a place of business, pulls out a gun, and opens fire…


Triage is an exploration of mankind’s dark side, and all copies are signed by Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, and Matt Johnson.



  • Triage by Richard Laymon
  • In the Year of Our Lord: 2202 by Edward Lee
  • Sheep Meadow Story* by Jack Ketchum


*A new story featuring Stroup, the “hero” of many of the stories in Broken on the Wheel of Sex

Eyes Left

A story of what happens when a pair of friends end up cruising the wrong girl. Delightfully twisted, and a lot of fun, it will definitely make you think twice before considering that one night stand…

The Lost

It’s 1969, and the Vietnam War is raging. A rough time for most kids. You either work like hell to stay in school or hightail it to Canada or else Uncle Sam comes knocking at your door and the next thing you know you’re slogging through the rice paddies and trying not to think about all those body bags shipping back to the World every day.


Not so for Ray and Tim. They’ve slipped through the cracks. They’re neither college kids nor grunts. They’re undraftable.


But Ray and Tim have their own problems.


Murder, for one.


A murder Ray committed four years ago because he felt like it. A murder to which Tim, along with Ray’s sometime-girlfriend Jennifer, are accomplices. A murder which — for at least one world-weary cop — simply won’t go away. He knows Ray did it but can’t prove it. Now, on the verge of quitting his job, with nothing much to lose, he decides to have one last shot at goading Ray into blowing his arrogant cool, into doing something really stupid.


Which Ray’s already doing, just by being who he is.


He’s a possessive, egotistical, compulsive liar. He’s dealing drugs. But mostly he’s chasing skirts. He’s all but dumped Jennifer and is courting not one new girl but two, doing anything and everything he can to impress them. One girl finds his weird posturing repulsive, but Ray refuses to hear that. The other’s playing with him — and might be just as dangerous as he is, moving him further and further into waters way over his head. It doesn’t help that both girls are college-bound and Ray isn’t, or that one of them’s the cop’s best friend’s secret lover. It doesn’t help that Jennifer’s turning into a drugged-out booze-hound in front of his very eyes. It doesn’t help that Tim sees this as a pretty good time to make his move on Jennifer. And it sure doesn’t help that Ray’s got a rage inside him that could make a cyclone look like a breezy summer day.


Things are converging. Something’s going to crack. Something’s going to break loose into a world of pain.


And who will be The Lost?

Broken on the Wheel of Sex

Before there was Jack Ketchum there was Jerzy Livingston, a writer new at his craft but thoroughly jazzed to it, living in a very strange time in a very strange New York City, going straight to hell in a handbasket and loving every minute, writing stories for the likes of Swank, Cavalier, Genesis, Nugget, and High Society. Dark, black-comic stories mostly, the kind you might almost expect of the Ketchum who was waiting in the wings. The Sexual Revolution was lost by then -lost on all fronts- and only a few had noticed. He had. He was whistling in a graveyard.



  • The Hang Up
  • The Heat
  • Skin Game
  • Bosom Buddies (aka The Burn Artist)
  • The Rubdown
  • Fixing Her Plumbing (aka Never Trust a Smart Cunt with Two First Names)
  • Fish
  • Dancing’ (aka Old Men Dancing)
  • The Liar
  • The French
  • The Christmas Caller
  • Head Games (aka East Side Story)
  • Dead Heat
  • The Making of a Religious Cult (lettered edition only)


The Exit at Toledo Blade Boulevard

The Exit At Toledo Blade Boulevard collects thirteen Ketchum tales, including six new stories never before published, an essay on the author’s strange and wonderful experiences with the author Henry Miller, special new Ketchum introductions to each piece, and an introduction by master storyteller Richard Laymon.



  • Chain Letter
  • The Rifle
  • The Exit at Toledo Blade Boulevard
  • If Memory Serves
  • Snakes
  • The Great San Diego Sleazy Bimbo Massacre
  • To Suit The Crime
  • The Rose
  • When The Penny Drops
  • Mail Order
  • Winter Child
  • The Visitor
  • Henry Miller and the Push (non-fiction)


Night Visions 10

In 1984, the legendary Night Visions series was conceived by Dark Harvest Press as a showcase for the outstanding short fiction being produced by the best of the established authors and the most talented of the new writers in the fields of horror and dark fantasy.


In 2001, the series was resurrected by Subterranean Press with Night Visions 10, featuring original novellas by Jack Ketchum and John Shirley, and five stories by David B. Silva.


Jack’s contribution, The Passenger, follows the story of a woman who gets a flat tire, leading to a stretch of bad luck as she becomes a passenger in a car bound for Hell.


Ephemera was offered as a premium by Gauntlet Press in conjunction with their limited edition hardcover of Cover.


This limited edition chapbook contains pieces written during the summer of 1969 and features a self-portrait on the cover.



  • on the circumstance of marat/sade
  • rehearsal in situ
  • Notes: October 31, 1968 (Graffiti?)

Father & Son

Father & Son is a limited edition chapbook of a previously unreleased story, only available through Camelot Books, as part of a promotion.


(with Edward Lee)


Masks is a limited edition chapbook co-authored with Edward Lee produced for ChillerCon in October of 1999 by Sideshow Press. 

Right To Life

When Sara Foster is kidnapped in front of an abortion clinic in broad daylight, taken off a busy Manhattan street by a pair of total strangers – Stephen and Katherine Teach – she is three months pregnant wth her married lover’s child.


Her abductors seem to know that. They also seem to know where she lives, where she teachers, where she was born, who her lover is – even where her father plays golf on the weekends. They tell her about a mysterious worldwide Organization devoted to white slavery and what happens to those slaves who try to run away. What happens to their families and those they love.


That’s what Sara is now. Their slave.


They show her what happens if she tries to disobey.


She sleeps in a coffin-like box in the basement.


She’s fed according to their whim. Abused according to their whim.


They involve her in a brutal murder.


That’s just the beginning. Because Stephen and Katherine Teach have terrible plans for Sara.


And her baby.


Like his novels JoyrideStrangleholdThe Girl Next Door, and CoverRight To Life is a descent into madness and human evil which is all the more harrowing because it’s based on fact. Sara’s ordeal really happened to somebody just like you and me and it’s one that is vividly rendered. So consider yourself warned. This is disturbing graphic writing.


Not for the timid.


Like life.

Ladies’ Night

Ladies’ Night is a non-stop rollercoaster ride of sheer nerve-rattling terror, deemed too violent for mass-market publication. In this modern tale of the ages-old battle of the sexes carried to the extreme, Jack Ketchum again provides readers with an excursion into horror as relentless as a John Woo film.


A word of caution, this book contains scenes of extreme violence, and is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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