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Jack Ketchum

Night Visions 10

Night Visions 10

In 1984, the legendary Night Visions series was conceived by Dark Harvest Press as a showcase for the outstanding short fiction being produced by the best of the established authors and the most talented of the new writers in the fields of horror and dark fantasy.

In 2001, the series was resurrected by Subterranean Press with Night Visions 10, featuring original novellas by Jack Ketchum and John Shirley, and five stories by David B. Silva.

Jack’s contribution, The Passenger, follows the story of a woman who gets a flat tire, leading to a stretch of bad luck as she becomes a passenger in a car bound for Hell.

The Passenger is also available in the Leisure Books Mass-Market Paperback edition of Red.


2001 Subterranean Press (Hardcovers)