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Jack Ketchum

Weed Species

Weed Species

Cemetery Dance presents the novella Weed Species, which Jack describes as “the most vicious thing [he’s] ever done.

The webmaster is inclined to agree.

WEED SPECIES: In ecology. An invasive species, also called an invasive exotic, is an organism that is intentionally or accidentally introduced to an area where it is not native, and where it successfully invades and disturbs natural ecosystems, displacing native species. The term is most often applied to, but not limited to, plants. See also kudzu, water hyacinth, zebra mussel, Burmese python, eco-tourism, sociopath.

This is one ride, you won’t forget.


2006 Cemetery Dance (Limited Hardcover Editions)
2010 Leisure Books (as part of the Mass-Market Paperback Edition of Joyride)