What They Wrote

What They Wrote is a collection of introductions, reviews, and essays on books.



  • Author’s Foreword
  • Edward Lee’s Quest for Sex, Truth and Reality, Introduction
  • On The Haunting of Hill House, Essay
  • Mysteries of the Word – by Stanley Wiater, Introduction
  • The Midnight Tour by Richard Laymon, Review
  • Judas Eyes – by Barry Hoffman, Introduction
  • Monochrome Love – The Alchemy of Love by Elisabeth Engstrom & Alan M. Clark, Introduction
  • The Painter Next Door – On Neal McPheeters, for an Unpublished Collection Introduction
  • Midlisters – by Kealan Patrick Burke, Introduction
  • Tessier and the Wolf – The Nightwalkers by Thomas Tessier, Introduction
  • In the Spirit by P.D. Cacek, Introduction
  • Bag of Bones by Stephen King, Review
  • On Chas. Balun: An Opinion of an Opinion, Introduction
  • “It’s the Dog Scene That Gets Me”, On John Carpenter’s The Thing
  • On Header, Needlepoint, and the Journal of American Medicine, Header by Edward Lee, Introduction
  • Fatal Journeys – by Lucy Taylor, Introduction
  • White and Other Tales of Ruin – by Tim Lebbon, Introduction
  • Dark Arts – Thomas F. Monteleone, Introduction
  • On I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, Article
  • Robert E. Howard’s Typewriter, SHIFTERS by Edward Lee & John Pelan, Introduction
  • Some Seeds Take – Strange Seed by T.M. Wright, Introduction
  • ‘What Rio Sees’ – All That I See – by Rio Youers, Introduction
  • From A Buick 8 by Stephen King, Review
  • A Short Peter Straub Companion, Written for the 2016 World Horror Convention Program Book
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