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Jack Ketchum

Off Season

Ballantine Books Advance Mass-Market Paperback
Ballantine Books Mass-Market Paperback
Headline UK Mass-Market Paperback
Unexpurgated Edition - Hardcover, Trade Paperback, Overlook Connection Press
Japanese Mass-Market Paperback
Unexpurgated Edition - Leisure Press Mass-Market Paperback
German trade paperback edition
French trade paperback edition
Off Season (Chinese Trade Paperback)

Off Season: The Unexpurgated Edition

(From Douglas E. Winter’s Introduction to Off Season- The Unexpurgated Edition)

“When I read Off Season, I knew that its writer was different; that he was working from that raw and risky perspective known as personal vision, and that he had written a novel that was his own, and not what a publisher wanted or expected. Stocked in the shadows of bestsellers and a blur of Stephen King wannabes, Off Season was issued as a paperback original by Ballantine — a publisher who has never shown much enthusiasm for the fiction of fear. The cover was a minimalist triumph, its title embossed in black on black, stained with a red thread of blood. The author’s name — a pseudonym — was reported in white block capital letters, and the top of the cover announced: ‘THE ULTIMATE HORROR NOVEL.’ The hyperbole was deserved. Off Season was the genuine article, its horror insistent, visceral, and disturbing.”

Off Season: The Unexpurgated Edition restores this classic to its original state, and includes material cut from the original Ballantine publication.

The 2006 Leisure Books Mass-Market Paperback also contains the story Winter Child from The Exit at Toledo Blade Boulevard.


1980 Ballantine Books (Mass-Market Paperback)
1986 Fleuve Noir (French Translation as Saison de Mort)
1994 New Joker (Russian Translation, coupled with Offspring, Hardcover)
1995 Headline (UK edition, Mass Market Paperback)
1999 Overlook Connection Press (“Unexpurgated Edition”, Limited Hardcover Editions, Trade Paperback)
2000 Fus
osha (Japanese Translation, Mass-Market Paperback)
2006 Leisure Books (Mass-Market Paperback, with bonus story Winter Child)
2007 Heyne Hardcore (German Translation as Beute Zeit, Trade Paperback)
2008 L’Ombre de Bragelonne (French Translation as Morte Saison, Trade Paperback)
2009 JP (Spanish Translation, as Al acecho, Trade Paperback)
2009 Jemma Press (Greek Translation by Nick Roussos, as Dead Season)
2009 Audible.com (Audio Version)
2010 Papierowy Księżyc (Polish Translation as Poza Sezonem, Trade Paperback)
2012 Locus Publishing (Chinese Translation, Trade Paperback)
2013 47North (Trade Paperback)
2014 Laser (Czech Translation, as Po Sezónĕ, Trade Paperback)
2017 Dark Regions Press (35th Anniversary Edition plus new story – End Game, Hardcover) – COMING SOON