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Cemetery Dance #71

cd71Issue #71 of Cemetery Dance is a special “all-fiction” issue!

Jack’s story Gorilla in my Room appears alongside stories from Bentley Little, Simon Clark, Darrell Schweitzer, and more.

Check it out!

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mehr auf Deutsch…

Virus magazine is a great German magazine for horror, fantasy, mystery,  and all things un- and super-natural!  Last month they conducted an interview with Jack.

We are pleased to post a copy of it here (as a .pdf).  The interview is in German, but if you’re fluent, it is well worth the read!




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New German Interview…

WatchTheShit.de has a new interview with Jack (auf Deutsch!)…

You can find it here!

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Piercing the Darkness

Piercing the Darkness is a new anthology edited by Craig Cook, and available from Necro Publications.  Proceeds from the anthology go to benefit the Children’s Literacy Initiative.  Jack’s story, Brave Girl, appears alongside works by 27 other authors, including F. Paul Wilson, James A. Moore, Christopher Golden, Brian Keene, Joe R. Lansdale, Jonathan Maberry, Lucy Snyder, and more.

This one’s for a good cause.  Check it out!Piercing the Darkness

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New Freebie!

Trapped Inside The StokerWorld Horror 2014 is around the corner, and not only will Jack be a Guest of Honor, he’ll also be presenting the Stoker Award for best novel…if he can escape.

Trapped Inside the Stoker, is our latest freebie.  Available on our Free Stuff page, in .PDF, .mobi, .lit, and .epub formats.


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Horror 101

Yesterday, we announced Jack’s essay on economy of language in the fifth volume of Now Write!

Horror 101 The Way ForwardToday, Jack dispenses more writerly advice in Horror 101

Horror 101: The Way Forward – a comprehensive overview of the Horror fiction genre and career opportunities available to established and aspiring authors.

Covering aspects such as movies, comics, short stories, ghost-writing, audiobooks, editing, publishing, self-publishing, blogging, writer’s block, YA horror, reviewing, dark poetry, networking, collaborations, eBooks, podcasts, conventions, series, formatting, web serials, artwork, social media, agents, and career advice from seasoned professionals and up-and-coming talents, Horror 101 is just what you need to kick your career into high gear.

Horror 101 is now available from Crystal Lake Publishing, and from Amazon (for Kindle)

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Now Write!

nowwriteIn keeping with his recent talk, Jack has an essay (Economy) in the fifth volume of Now Write! (now available), focusing on how economy of language helps tor create a truly frightening tale.

From the book’s description:

The fifth volume in the acclaimed Now Write! writing-guide series offers a full toolbox of advice and exercises for speculative fiction writers hoping to craft an engaging alternate reality, flesh out an enthralling fantasy quest, or dream up a bloodcurdling plot twist…

Among the other writers incluided are: Steven Barnes, Peter Briggs, David Brin, Sara B. Cooper, Brian James Freeman, Joe R. Lansdale, Bruce McAllister, Vonda N. McIntyre, William F. Nolan, Michael Reaves, Melissa Scott, Michael Dillon Scott, Vanessa Vaughn and others.

This collection of storytelling secrets from top genre writers—including winners of Nebula, Hugo, Edgar, and Bram Stoker awards—is essential for any writer looking to take a leap beyond the ordinary.

If you’ve ever thought of writing speculative fiction, this is a must-have for your shelf.

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In Conversation: Jack Ketchum and Laurie Lamson

The Center for Fiction now has video of Jack’s talk from April 15 –

If you missed the event, now’s your opportunity to get caught up!

Check it out!

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Hide and Seek reissue

hideseek14Fresh on the heels of its other recent Jack Ketchum reissues, Amazon has reissued Jack’s novel, Hide and Seek.

Hide and Seek is a book about games. Reckless, dangerous games. Games you might even want to play yourself if you’re with the right people. But shouldn’t. Not ever. In a small Maine town, a group of thrill seeking college kids finds a game of hide and seek in an abandoned house turning into a reality of stark terror.

Available here.

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New Story!

jamaisvu2The second issue of Jamais Vu: Journal of the Strange Among the Familiar features Jack’s new story, Oldies.

Now available from Post Mortem Press, and Amazon!

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