Broken on the Wheel of Sex

This edition of Jack Ketchum’s Broken on the Wheel of Sex: The Jerzy Livingston Years is the most complete edition of the “Stroup” stories ever collected together.


These stories, written from 1976 to 1981, and appearing in various men’s magazines and other outlets, offer Ketchum readers a look into this author’s formative years. This is where Jack Ketchum honed his writing craft that has become so well known with his novels The Girl Next DoorThe CrossingsOff Season, and The Lost. Collected here are the stories of his character simply known as “Stroup,” written under the pseudonym Jerzy Livingston, which are rare and difficult to locate almost 30 years after the original publications gave them life. 


Ketchum takes us from the hardcore times of the ’70s and early ’80s when free sex, free love, and everything related in between was a dream living on borrowed time. What a dream it was! A total of nineteen stories appear here, some published for the first time or virtually impossible to find at all can now be found in this newly revised edition.


This new edition includes new afterwords for each story by the author.   



  • Introduction
  • The Hang Up
  • The Heat
  • Skin Game
  • The Burn Artist
  • The Rubdown
  • Never Trust a Smart Cunt with Two First Names
  • Fish
  • Old Men Dancing
  • The Liar
  • The French
  • The Christmas Caller
  • East Side Story
  • Dead Heat
  • The Old Days
  • Ugly George: Cable TV’s Prince of Pickup (non-fiction)
  • Welcome to the Chateau (non-fiction)
  • Flashers and Freaks (non-fiction)
  • Bad Girls, Sad Girls in the Heart of Disco (non-fiction)
  • A Hero Returns
  • Sheep Meadow Story



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