In 1985 the war in Vietnam had been over for ten years. A lot of people were trying to forget it. Not Jack Ketchum. Having never Been There, he was busy researching the hell out of it – aided by confidants and friends – for what was to be his third published novel, Cover


Ketchum’s fix on the war was typically minimalist. Take one battle-haunted veteran, a good, tough honest man whose grip on reality is rapidly disintegrating now that his wife and son have left him, living alone in the woods, in deep forest, trying to stay peaceful and simply outlast his demons. Then intrude upon his fragile world a group of weekend campers. A Mailer-esque world-famous novelist. His wife. His mistress. His agent. A Rolling Stone photographer. A jealous friend.


Mix and shake.


A limited edition from Gauntlet Press, If purchased from the publisher, it also came with the Ephemera chapbook featuring poems written during 1969, and the Selections CD featuring excerpts from Cover, read by Ketchum.



Ephemera was offered as a premium by Gauntlet Press in conjunction with their limited edition hardcover of Cover.


This limited edition chapbook contains pieces written during the summer of 1969 and features a self-portrait on the cover.



  • on the circumstance of marat/sade
  • rehearsal in situ
  • Notes: October 31, 1968 (Graffiti?)