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Mail Order (film)

A Wall Street trader who’s addicted to snuff films thinks he sees an ex-girlfriend starring in one. Directed by Eric Shapiro, this short film is an adaptation of Mail Order, a short story by Jack Ketchum (The Girl Next Door, Red, The Woman).

XX (film)

An all-female helmed horror anthology featuring four dark tales written and directed by women. Includes an adaptation of The Box, directed by Jovanka Vuckovic.

Darlin’ (film)

Found at a Catholic hospital filthy and ferocious, feral teenager Darlin’ is whisked off to a care home run by The Bishop and his obedient nuns where she is to be tamed into a “good girl.” However, Darlin’ holds a dark secret and she is not traveling alone. The Woman, equally fierce and feral, who raised her, is ever present and is determined to come for her no matter who tries to step in her way.


Continuing the twistedly vicious adventure of Lucky McKee’s cult hit The Woman, Darlin’ sees standout star Pollyanna McIntosh both in front of and behind the camera.


Based on characters created by Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee


Executive Producers: Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee


Written and Directed by Pollyanna McIntosh

Cry Your Purple Heart Out / How to Score with Girls (film)

Four G.I.’s are on the town in the Big Apple cruising for girls and adventure!


Alternately known as Cry Your Purple Heart Out, and How to Score with Girls, this film is pretty much everything you expect it might be.


Watch for a young Dallas Mayr in the role of “Chuck”!


Co-star Richard Young later had a role in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, as Garth, the young treasure hunter who gave Indy his fedora.

The Cult of Ichi (film)

Bonus feature on the American DVD and Blu Ray release of Takashi Miike’s cult classic, Ichi the Killer, featuring interviews with Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee (among others).

Dark Dreamers (TV series)

They have created the dreams that mark our nightmares, forging an unforgettable world of dark fantasy, horror and suspense. After thirty years of accruing in-depth interviews, award-winning author Stanley Wiater has created the ultimate video library of horror icons as SMASH VISION presents “Dark Dreamers; – Volume One.” This four-DVD set features one-on-one interviews with over 30 writers, directors, producers, actors and SFX artists – including “I Am Legend” author Richard Matheson. From John Landis to Stan Winston; Forrest J Ackerman to Clive Barker; John Saxon to Wes Craven; Sean S. Cunningham to Larry Cohen….. the artistic world of horror would not exist without these dark dreamers. Why did they enter this dimension? How did they make their mark? What is it about their craft that drives their passion? Respected journalist and horror aficionado Stanley Wiater spent decades developing relationships with renowned subjects, and their stories will entertain, enlighten, and perhaps …


Also includes an interview with Jack Ketchum

The Life of Death (film)

This documentary explores how death is perceived by group horror professionals and its influence on their work. Includes interviews and insights from Troma head honcho Lloyd Kaufman, Artist Bob Fingerman, Jack Ketchum, special effects artist Tom Sullivan (Evil Dead), and Scream Queens Debbie Rochon and Caroline Munro (Dr. Phibes, Maniac), along with a host of many other others.

Beyond Blood (film)

High Tension, Inside, Martyrs, Frontier(s) and Them. In the years of 2003 to 2008, those sensational and innovative horror movies were made and left huge impact around the world. This movement is called New Wave of French Horror. This film explores the meaning and hidden secrets of this significant movement.


Features interviews with Jack Ketchum

Header (film)

Based on the story by Edward Lee, Header portrays the grueling psychological journey taken by ATF Agent Stewart Cummings. On the surface, Stewart struggles to solve a string of bizarre murders, but in secret, his life falls into a world of corruption that’s impossible to escape. Deceit, rape, and murder spiral out of control triggering a hellish conclusion that defies description.


Features cameos by Edward Lee and Jack Ketchum

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